The Fight Cancer Team Sri Lanka was formed in 2016 with the initiation of the project to donate a PET/CT Scanner to the Apeksha Cancer Hospital. This team was founded by Mr. MSH Mohamed upon the request of his son, late Humaid Mohamed, who died due to osteo sarcoma on 11th September 2017. Humaid’s wish was to donate a PET Scanner to the Maharagama Apeksha cancer hospital to help poor patients get their cancer accurately diagnosed free of charge as they could not afford the huge cost of a PET Scan (roughly Rs.150,000) offered by a private hospital in Sri Lanka. Mr. MSH Mohamed along with his Fight Cancer Team raised Rs 250 Million within 3 months from the Sri Lankan general public and donated the PET/CT Scanner to the Apeksha Cancer Hospital on 1st of April 2018. This PET/CT Scanner was the first PET Scanner in Sri Lanka to operate in a government hospital. As a result of this donation the cancer hospital, at present, carries out PET Scans once a week (four times a month). The radio-active drug called “FDG” is imported from India for every such session to inject the patients prior to the PET scan. This PET Scanner, by now, has carried out more than thousand PET Scans and many CT Scans on the Cancer patients, free of charge.

Soon after the PET Scanner mission was accomplished a Trust called Fight Cancer Trust (Guarantee) Ltd was registered in 2017 to gain more legitimacy to carry out future public fundraising projects to equip the Maharagama Cancer Hospital with the latest technology medical equipment. The Fight Cancer Trust is a responsible body with a board of directors. The “Fight Cancer Team” became its active arm to curb cancer becoming number one killer disease in Sri Lanka by 2025 as predicted by the Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka. Hence, the primary objective of the Fight Cancer Team is to fulfill the medical equipment required by the hospital to provide more effective and up to date cancer treatments for the cancer patients.

Vision 2025

Empowering Maharagama Apeksha Hospital to be one of the best in South East Asia.


With the Generous Contributions of the General Public Equipping Apeksha hospital with all the advanced technological equipment to take care of the most deserving ones in our society.

Executive Committee of the Fight Cancer Team Sri Lanka