This project was initiated as a result of round of consultations had with the Doctors and the Radiologists at the Apeksha Cancer Hospital who brought the attention of the FCT towards the Tomo-therapy and the Linear Accelerator machines required for treatment at the hospital.

Tomo Therapy & Linear Accelerator (LINAC) Machine

Therefore, it is our objective to donate a latest version of the Linear Accelerator machine which add to the available fleet of Linear Accelerator machines in operation and help reduce the waiting list for radiation treatments at the Apeksha Cancer Hospital. It will also provide a high quality and an effective radiation treatment to the cancer patients.   

The Apeksha Cancer Hospital currently does not have a Tomo-therapy machine. Thus, a latest version of the Tomo-therapy to be donated through this mission will result in an overall upgrade of the hospital.

The overall objective of the mission therefore is to enhance the quality and standard of radiation treatment given at Apeksha Cancer Hospital free of charge to the cancer patients in Sri Lanka. These free of charge radiation treatment facilities will save many cancer patients who cannot afford a radiation treatment priced at 1 to 1.3M Sri Lanka rupees per session at private hospitals.