FCT Member

The FCT members are those who sponsor the missions of the FCT. We rely on the generosity of general members to help us to make the Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama as the best cancer hospital in South Asia by the year 2025.
The annual membership fee to become a FCT Member is LKR 6000/= and you can pay this amount upon confirmation of the acceptation of your online application. You will get an email conformation if your online FCT Membership is approved so that you can continue with the payment in order to become a FCT Member. Note: FCT Members will be able get the online access to the fightcancer web portal.

FCT Volunteer Member

Volunteers of the FCT can take up the roles of being a well wisher (wish granter), office worker, translator, art worker, fundraiser, speaker or event staff member.
FCT volunteers work in teams of 2-3 to grant the wishes that change the lives of those suffering. Also please do note that contribution of funds isn’t expected from our volunteers, however will play a prominent role in aiding the Trust to come across donations. Anyhow you will be recognized as a volunteer and not a member, hence will be entitled to different opportunities in comparison to our members.