The Apeksha Cancer Hospital, widely known as the “Maharagama Cancer Hospital” as it is located in Maharagama, Sri Lanka, is the only National Hospital in Sri Lanka which is dedicated for treating cancer. It is a government funded hospital and therefore provides cancer treatments free of charge to the citizens of Sri Lanka.   

According to National Cancer Institute statistics in 2014 the hospital has a 102% occupancy rate. 16500 new cancer patients are identified every year. The hospital strives its best to serve this growing demand with the limited medical resources it has. The government spends unlimited amount of money to cure and save the life of a cancer patient.

The hospital currently has 5 Linear Accelerator machines which operate every day to provide radiation treatments for the cancer patients who still must wait for a period of 5 to 6 months to receive treatments. 3 of these Linear Accelerator machines are old versions. To reduce the waiting period for a patient and provide effective radiation therapy the hospital needs few more Linear Accelerators as per the suggestion of its doctors and radiologists. The Fight Cancer Team intends to donate one Linear Accelerator to the hospital through this mission.

The Cancer Hospital does not have radiation therapy machines such as Tomo-therapy, Gamma knife, Cyberknife etc. which are used to treat specific cancers through effective radiation therapy. The Fight Cancer Team at this phase intends to donate a Tomo-therapy, to add a newest version to the radiation therapy machines available at the cancer hospital. 0000000